Wake up, little rose bud!

girl if i was marco bott you’d be my other half

Thank you for trusting us, Captain.

Thank you for trusting us, Captain.

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Anonymous said,
If you had to choose between kissing Eren and getting dumped by Mikasa, what would you choose?


Eren can kiss my dump how’s that

Skull and Butterflies by me

Skull and Butterflies by me



I’ve had a few people ask me how I colour, and while I don’t have much to offer because colouring is still pretty much a mystery to me, these are the basic steps I use. I try to keep the number of layers to a minimum; here I’ve used four.

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ack I have the lamest coloring/shading way are you sure but they are really easy to do tho if you would like to try for fun lol I’m sorry quq



i think jean and marco are the type of people to go in the drive-thru and marco asks jean what he wants and jean’s like “a burger, no onions or pickles” and marco leans in to tell the speaker the order but jean leans over marco and starts screaming it into the speaker anyways




I did a thing I hope i’m not too late

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In the break, she was taunted. A boy named Lugwig Schmeikl came up to her with a book. ‘Hey, Liesel,’ he asked her, ‘I’m having trouble with this word, could you read it for me?’ He laughed - a ten year old, smugness laughter. ‘You Dummkopf - you idiot.’ […] She stood up and took the book from him, and as he smiled over his shoulder at some other kids, she threw it away and kicked him as hard as she could in the vicinity of the groin. Well, as you might imagine, Ludwig Schmeikl certainly buckled, and on the way down, he was punched in the ear. When he landed, he was set upon. When he was set upon, he was slapped and clawed and obliterated by a girl who was utterly consumed with rage.